In The Matrix, our post-apocalyptic hero Neo is introduced to the idea that he is living in a dream world by Morpheus (named after the Greek god of dreams). He is told his senses are lying to him, that what he is experiencing wasn’t real. As Neo confronts this new thought, the Matrix fights back. Old ideas die hard. Neo’s guide, Trinity, helps him navigate this dark world and helps Neo come to the fork where he must determine if he is the One. At the climax, Neo is betrayed by the Judas-like Cypher and he battles the forces of the Matrix. In the end, he is shot and killed. But through Trinity’s declaration of faith, Neo overcomes death and pulsates with newfound power and defeats evil. He finally sees the Matrix for what it is—an illusion.

As Captain Obvious, it appears to me this is a movie about one’s spiritual journey. Potential sacrilege aside, the movie is brilliant in creating an allegory around the ideas of self discovery, power, and purpose. You are Neo. You are the main character in your movie. You are waking from a dream where everything seems real, where you have had very little control over your life. This was your childhood through adolescence.  And here you stand today recently launched into the world — The Matrix — from which you must wake.

Of course if some hot chick that only whispers and wears killer black leather outfits says that you’re “the One” and you as her soulmate, then you’re off to a good start.  But a Trinity or Morpheus seeking us out and offering us the red pill seems unlikely. Instead we have to learn to read the signs and listen for the voice on our own. We must wake from this dreaming state. Your senses will offer you the same fork that it offered Neo – believe only what you see or go deeper down the rabbit hole and learn to see what you believe.

The formula: Self Discovery (that portion of yourself that you share with God) becomes Power (that ability to affect the world in a positive way) becomes Purpose(that calling/assertion that connects others to their Godly potential). This formula answers the questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”. You must wake up and decide who you are and why you are on this planet.  As you begin to wake from the dream and realize who you are you gain power to fulfill your purpose. And you have one. Don’t be mistaken on that point. Many people just don’t wake up to discover it.

Let me ask you: Why do you always look at yourself as you pass a window?  Why do you always try and catch your own eye? Have you changed since you left the house this morning? Are you just excessively vain or weak? OR are you trying to see inside into the only place you know to be real? You look into the depth of your own eyes because you’re trying to look down the rabbit hole.  It’s only slightly vain to constantly check yourself to see that you’re presenting yourself to the world. Everyone does that. No, you’re actually trying to see past the matrix.  You’re trying to find out who you are.

Ok, maybe you’re not tracking here because I’m being a bit “out there”. But the illusion of this world indicates separateness. However, we are not as separate as your senses might indicate. Certainly you’ve been in a conversation with a friend and experienced a high from it, how your energy merged to make you just a bit more focused or your comments a bit more insightful than if you were just by yourself. In that moment you experienced something real; a bit of the holy spirit, “When two or three gather in my name”. Namaste. Flow. When you “feel” someone, you are picking up something that is not of the Matrix. Other real elements that lack physical matter but matter to you enormously are character traits like integrity, persistence, love, grace, patience, joy, otherness, and faith. Develop these. These qualities are not superficial.  You will find the answers to yourself in these qualities. They are not of the Matrix.

One last attempt at making this point! The world is constantly feeding you data, assaulting your senses, trying to distract you, trying to keep you asleep in the dream state, to keep you superficial. By being distracted, lacking focus, lacking integrity, lacking individuality, the world can control you. You are a consumer. You lack power. BUT!!! by disciplining yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, you can emerge from the dream. You can discover yourself which will give you power to align with your purpose. Amen.

To your continued spiritual development,

Dave Marr

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