What is Ironmen?

Ironmen engages men with provocative daily email quotes of encouragement and insight. Then each week, members receive a Letter that quickly explores a wide range of topics that challenge and becomes a catalyst for small group discussion.  With these two programs, it is the ultimate goal of the Ironmen initiative to assist men in forming meaningful long term small groups.  We believe that it is within these groups men probe the depths of life and become more intentional in their personal growth for the betterment of their wives, children and themselves.

What is an Ironmen group?

It is simply this: three guys getting together every week with the explicit purpose to talk about life and how they can do better at it. It sounds easy and it sounds obvious, but I guarantee you it’s not. Now more than ever, life is hectic and uncertain, which makes it tough to stay consistent. But having this group is worth it. If you feel today that you aren’t feeling as successful or excited about your life as you know you could be, then an Ironmen group will propel you to that level. You’re the captain of your ship in life, so you get to choose where you go. Pick a pair of guys to team up with and you improve your chances of success.

As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17

Ironmen has helped many men live more fulfilling lives.

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What is HeadwatersLife?

HeadwatersLife flows from the idea that many of life’s paths are not intuitive for young adults.  They need helpful practical guidance and encouragement to navigate these often turbulent waters and stay in the flow during the formative process of adulthood.  Tools that will help them tap into and gain a deeper understanding in critical areas of life – relationships, health, spiritual/personal development and business/finance.

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