You’ve heard this comment before and I’ve said it countless times.  In saying it, I meant that if I knew back then the things I find important today, I would have reprioritize my thinking in such a way to be more present in my existence, worry less, be intentional in my efforts, appreciative, loving, and wise, etc. etc. etc.

But what about today?  What am I lacking in today’s existence that tomorrow’s Dave would pick up the phone and call back and advise on?  I think the Dave of 15 years from now would call me and say,

“Davo, listen: Remember when you were about to turn 55 and were thinking about how much more mature you were than your 35 year old version?  How much wiser and ‘intentional’ about your life you were?  Lemme give you a bit of feedback – to be honest, I liked it better when you were 35.  No kidding.  You were full of energy and optimism.  You had faith that everything would work out and regardless of the roadblocks in the way; that you and God would get ‘er figured out.  You started each day with a run and a prayer.  Remember that little cartoon you had hanging on the wall with the bird eating the frog and the frog’s arm reaching around and choking off the bird’s throat above the caption NEVER GIVE UP which became your mantra.  You were fascinated with life and its possibilities.  Naïve maybe, but energized!! – give me that guy again.

Now look at you.  C’mon, be honest.  Hasn’t the last 4 years worn you down a bit?  Aren’t the complexities of your work life having you walk perilously close to the line separating realist and cynic?  A cynic that might advise too much caution and expect too much disappointment rather than the Go For It mentality you had when you were 35.  Where’s the energy?  What’s the deal with the wine, the sweets, and the TV?  What happened to setting the goals for 5 years, 10 years?  You wanted to get your pilot’s license and travel the world, remember?  Your dreams sustained you in tough times.  Naw, Dave, you’re running the risk of getting old too fast.

Hey Bud, my advice is: Go back to that early spirit of Can Do.  Go back and reinvigorate the best version of Dave that you had, sure – temper it with a bit of your hard earned wisdom, but bring the positive energy to your day, your week, your life.  Set the goals.  Be enthusiastic.  Do the run. Say the prayers.  Let go of whatever makes you stop.”

So wishing I knew then what I know now isn’t exactly the right longing  Apparently in seeking “Knowing” we seemingly trade the innocence of naiveté whose companions include passion, faith, dogged determination, and optimism for the hard school of experience and knowing.  Can’t we take our new understanding and unite our old youthful ways?  I say “YES!!”  So I am going to launch into the last quarter of 2015 with a bit more gusto.  I’m going to do the push ups, go for a jog, set the goals, get the pilot’s license.  I’m going to BE optimistic and push away my concerns  about business. Cycles always happen.  I’m going to position myself in the market to where I can be the greatest value.  I’m going to meet more people, solve more problems, BE more caring, and expect that between God and me, we’ll get ‘er figured out.

To your continued success,


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