I have drunk deep from this fountain wisdom which has affected my life immeasurably. This is from Napoleon Hill. These are brilliant insights. This is something you don’t just read and move on from. How can you extract the wisdom from below and apply them to your life?

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Napoleon Hill’s Twelve Great Riches of Life

Positive mental attitude

Sound physical health

Harmony in Human Relationships

Freedom from fear

The hope of achievement

The capacity for faith

A willingness to share one’s blessings

A labor of love

An open mind on all subjects

Self discipline

The capacity to understand people

Financial security(Note that the financial part comes last, as it is basically a reflection of what a person has become.)

17 Principles of Success:

  1. Develop Definiteness of Purpose

When one has thoughtfully defined his personal goal(s) in life, then he can be focusing his energy in pursuing them. He can then create the environment and circumstances to achieve what he wants rather than simply drift along with the environment aimlessly or simply accept what others have to offer him.

  1. Establish an Ironman Fellowship

Outstanding success in life had never been achieved by the effort of one man. The

MasterMind effort is to get those of like mind, form an alliance, to work actively in a spirit of perfect harmony towards accomplishing of a definite purpose.

  1. Use Applied Faith

Goals that’re worth achieving are always accompanied by great challenges; and temporary defeats along the journey is almost certain. Faith is the “rocket fuel” of human endeavor. Applied Faith is the ability to hold on to the Positive Mental Attitude in mind when the going is tough.

  1. Going The Extra Mile

Make it a habit to contribute more than expected, with no expectation for immediate reward. This insures an increase in personal courage, self-reliance, personal initiative and it builds greater enthusiasm. Sooner or later, the law of compensation will bring its greater rewards.

  1. Assemble A Pleasing Personality

No man is an island. Before one can sell any product or service to others, he has to sell himself first. One should put in the effort in doing self-analysis and improve in this area.

  1. Create Personal Initiative

When one has a definite goal in mind and has the burning desire to achieve it, then opportunities for personal initiative are easy to find.

  1. Build A Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Mental Attitude is the cornerstone for success. The mind is the only thing one can control. In order to achieve the definite purpose of life, one must exercise that control and direct it by using Positive Mental Attitude.

  1. Enforce Self-Discipline

Self-Discipline is the first rule of all success leadership. It is the training which corrects, molds, strengthens, and perfects. When one gets himself under complete control, he then can be his own boss, and it makes discipline from the outside unnecessary.

  1. Control Your Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is an emotion, the physical counterpart to one’s idea. It starts the wheels of the imagination to turning. It is a feeling of confidence and harmony in working towards the definite goal. A man that lacks of Enthusiasm is like an automobile without gas.

  1. Control Your Concentration or Attention

Where concentration goes, energy flows. Controlled Attention is the act of focusing the mind on a given desire until ways and means for its realization have been worked out and successfully put into operation. Success comes after much concentration.

  1. Think Accurately

The ability to differentiate facts from opinions, and the ability to focus on important facts enables one to make effective decisions in achieving success.

  1. Learn from Adversity and Defeat

Adversity is part of life, and every adversity carries within it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. A man’s attitude in time of adversity determines much of its eternal effect on his life -for good or ill. All success is based on the experience learn from defeats. No one has failed until he accepts the defeats as failure.

  1. Cooperation

Cooperation is the beginning of all organized effort. True cooperation has no room for selfishness or greed. All achievement is the form of significant and successful cooperation and teamwork between individuals.

  1. Cultivate Creative Vision or Imagination

Creative Vision or Imagination is a demonstration of the use of subconscious mind to tap into the wisdom of the infinite intelligence in getting breakthrough solution for any challenge. And, one way to communicate with the subconscious mind is to repetitively think on the solution with burning desire. Especially, the time just before going to sleep, and the time just wakeuping from the bed while the brain is still at Alpha state.

  1. Maintain Sound Health

Various habits affect health.

Mental Attitude affect health and it is something that one can control. Good thinking and feeling good generates harmony within the body and generates physical manifestations or order and system.

Eating habit affect health. (No over eating, don’t eat rapidly, no soft drinks, no candy before or snack between meals, take more water, more fruits and balance of food.

Exercise/Meditation/Fasting…. Etc.

  1. Budget Your Time and Money

In our “spaceship earth”, there is certain amount of natural resources. Same as individual, one has limited time and money; therefore there is a need to have a system to spend them well.

  1. Use Cosmic “Habit force”.

Cosmic “Habit force” is so obvious and can be overlooked easily. The power is always there regardless if you aware of it or not. They are the physical laws which make our patterns of natural behavior operate in predictable order and regularity. Blending the natural laws of the universe with our own activities helps create the power, that force, that energy which bring harmony, peace of mind, success.”

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.

” – Napoleon Hill.

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